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Redirection Notice

This guide will explain how to exclude unwanted traffic from Apica Agents in your Google Analytics statistics.
You can find the official guide from Google here.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the Admin page from your Dashboard

  2. Go to "All Filters"

  3. Press "Add new filter"

  4. Fill out the required information

    1. Filter name: Here, it is probably for the best to state "Apica Agent" as a prefix followed by the location of the Agent.
    2. Filter Type: Choose Predefined
    3. Choose: Exclude
    4. Choose: Traffic from the IP Addresses
    5. Choose: That are equal to
    6. IP Address: Insert the Apica Agent's IP address here. (You can find Apica ASM Public IP's here)

    All done, you will now exclude any analytics results from the source you just stated.
    Do this multiple times for multiple locations.