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Data Retention is the amount of time WPM store graphs and check data on our servers.

Common For All Checks

Check Result Graph: 65 days


Analyze Metrics:

Response time and Return Value (Only for the 3rd drop down):

All Checks = 13 months 

Response time and Return Value for the 4th drop down:


Proxy Sniffer Scenario: 7 days

Browser Scenario, check-level: 14 days

All Other Metrics

Proxy Sniffer Scenario: 7 days

 Firefox & Chrome: 14 days

 Browser Scenario, check-level: 14 days

 Browser Scenario, step-level: 10 days

 Internet Explorer: 14 days

 URL: 7 days

Analyze trends: 

Hourly = 13 months, Daily = Unlimited


For more information about all data types click here 

Check Specific Data Retention

Firefox, Chrome,  iPhone (Mobile Website), iPad (Mobile Website), Android (Mobile Website) , Windows Phone (Mobile Website)

Check Header: 14 Days

Pages: 14 Days

All URLs: 14 Days

URL Request & Response Headers: 14 Days

Domains & 10 Slowest URL's: 14 Days

Scenario Details: 14 days

Errors: 14 Days

Screenshots: 14 Days

Extracted Values: 14 Days


ZebraTester,  Mobile browser, iPhone (Mobile App), iPad (Mobile App), Android (Mobile App), Windows Phone (Mobile App)

Check Header: 7 Days

Pages: 7 Days

All URLs: 2 Days

URL Request & Response Headers: 2 Days

Domains & 10 Slowest URL's: 2 Days

Errors: 7 Days


Internet Explorer

Check Header:  14 Days

Pages: 7 Days

All URLs:  2 Days

URL Request & Response Headers: 2 Days

Domains & 10 Slowest URL's: 2 Days

Errors: 2 Days


Command Check, Ping, Port, Dns, Appdynamics, Traceroute, FTP, New Relic, SSL:

All: 14 Days



Check Header:

URL Request & Response Headers:

Pages and All URLs:


Domains & 10 Slowest URL's:


Scenario Details:


Extracted Values: