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Users may run load tests as an action in Atlassian Bamboo, and then follow the performance of every release in the Bamboo UI.

The plugin initiates and monitors a load test from start to finish, after which it presents actionable results and statistics.

The Bamboo plugin supports triggers based on load test values (e.g. Trigger Build Failed if Failure Rate > 10%).


The plugin sourcecode is hosted on GitHub:

Installation from the Atlassian Marketplace

Locate the Apica Loadtest plugin in the Atlassian Marketplace and download the installation file Apica_Loadtest_Bamboo_Plugin.jar

Here's also a copy of the file in case you can't find the plugin: Apica_Loadtest_Bamboo_Plugin.jar

Then register the plugin on the Bamboo add-on administration page:

You can now add the load test plugin in the Bamboo UI. It is listed among the tasks of type test:


Configure the load test settings in the UI and save your changes:


Your inputs will be validated. The Apica load test plugin is now part of your Bamboo build process. 

Follow the job process in the message logs:


Finally view the load test summary and trends in the custom tabs added to a successful build: