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Apica LoadTest has an APM integration with AppDynamics. The integration can be configured in the Apica LoadTest Portal and the APM vendors allows customers to view collected data together with the results of a load test inside the Apica LoadTest Portal.

Tag requests from load tests into snapshots into AppDynamics by using our AppDynamics plugin.

A plugin from Apica allows customers to tag requests and optionally trigger snapshots inside of AppDynamics. Inside Apica LoadTest Portal it is possible to see Business Transactions and Transaction Snabshots from different servers and applications.


The plugin can be downloaded from here:




Setup in LTP:

1.Go to Setup -> Integration Settings and stay on the AppDynamics tab.

2. Click "Add New Server". A pop up should open:



3. Add your Service Url and credentials and click "Update List of Applications" to get your current applications. Choose which application you want to use as the default Application.

4. Click "Save" to finish the setup.

5. Your application and its metrics are now available in the Metric browser and when looking at result data.